Pakoil is New Way to Success. Advance. Progress.

Pakoil Ship management is a global transporter, providing safe & high quality transportation services for chemicals, edible oils, and clean petroleum products.

We are a tanker company, owning and operating 5 Tanker vessels, some of which are specially designed to carry delicate chemicals such as , Propylene Oxide. We provide berth-to-berth transportation services for our customers.

We create solutions that are helping our customers to transport their cargoes safely and efficiently as per our company procedures which are in line with the industrial requirements.

We are always ready to provide good service to our new and current customers with experienced office and ship crew.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading ship management company in the oil and chemical market and protect the health, safety and security of our people and to minimise the environmental impact associated with our business and to assure the integrity and safe operation of our vessels.

Our Mission

To our Customers - by continual quality improvements - achieved by offering high quality and customer tailored services and will add value to these vessels by providing our innovative, reliable and proactive management services through our commitment to safe, healthy and environmentally responsible ship operations, supported with high quality sea and office staff and management strategy.

To our employees - by supporting a safe, sound and productive working environment that encourages teamwork, communication and personal development within the Company.